Do short visits to local places really have an impact on pupil and student retention of knowledge?

We have known for some time that learning outside the classroom is particularly effective in relation to delivering learning which is likely to be retained.

We also know this is particularly true of longer visits to venues some distance from the school. But is there a similar benefit to be gained from shorter visits to local venues?

Unfortunately independent detailed research into this topic has not been undertaken, but following the work by Yale University into whether learning outside the classroom in general really is more effective and more long lasting than learning within the classroom, informal studies suggest that short visits to local places can be as highly beneficial as visits to more distant locations which might already form part of the annual curriculum.

What’s more, it appears that this benefit accrues no matter what is being taught. It is the change of location that improves learning and retention.

This can also be most helpful if you are considering leasing a minibus as it is possible to gain extra voluntary funding for such a venture when the reasons behind it are set out.

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