What is the most cost-effective way of upgrading the capacity of your school’s minibus?

Minibuses tend to have two problems. First they can’t be in two places at once, and second they don’t carry enough people.

Now of course the first of these two problems is one that affects all modes of transport, but the second is a problem that is particular to the minibus.

But fortunately, both of these problems can be overcome very readily – and the good news is that the solution doesn’t involve waiting for the TARDIS to become an affordable everyday mode of transport.

The answer of course is obvious – but it is an answer which is often ignored because it is instantly rejected on the grounds of it being too expensive. But that concern no longer applies.

Quite simply the solution is to have two minibuses – thus allowing the bus to be in two places at once or on other occasions to have double the capacity where a whole class needs to go to one location.

As for the cost, this is overcome by leasing the second bus (or indeed should you wish, leasing both).

Leasing can often work out cheaper than buying (especially if one takes into account the re-sale value of a school bus at the end of its working life), and incorporates a full maintenance programme – thus avoiding any increase in the work that needs to be undertaken by school staff.

Indeed since the leasing includes not just the costs of the service, but also MOT and overall maintenance of the vehicle are absorbed in the monthly fee, the savings can be significant.

What’s more, because a second bus removes the need to hire a coach on certain occasions, the saving can be even greater than at first imagined.

Leasing a second minibus with Benchmark makes it possible for schools to afford a modern minibus with greater capacity through a small monthly payment.