One of the more adventurous uses of PE funding and Pupil Premium funding

Of late a story has been circulating of a school that has used some of its additional PE funding and part of its pupil premium money to purchase two minibuses. 

It is an interesting report, because not only does the head of the school in question say that the minibus has made a terrific difference to the school’s work, but also the inspectorate were particularly impressed with the way the money had been used to enhance the learning experience of the children.

There are two points that come out of this.  First, and perhaps most obviously, one or more minibuses can make a major difference to a school in terms of giving children access to local facilities, as well as expanding the education outside the classroom programme.

Hence trips to a swimming pool and other sporting facilities, as well as to a historic monument, art gallery, theatre and other sites, can all be added to the agenda.

But second there is the point that although purchasing a minibus is one way forward it is not the only way to proceed, for it is also possible to lease a minibus and thus spread the cost of the bus over a period of several years.

One particular benefit of leasing is that leased minibuses can come with a full maintenance schedule undertaken by the leasing company, so there is no need to put someone within the school in charge of servicing and repairs.

Beyond everything else the minibus is hence maintained as a completely safe vehicle at all times – which is always a great reassurance to everyone involved.

If you would like to talk about leasing or purchasing a minibus – or even more than one minibus – please do call us on 01753 859 944. 

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