Many schools that don’t have a minibus or have one that’s over five years old cite cost as a reason for not considering a new bus. But…

The notion that school minibuses are expensive to the point of being unaffordable comes from the rather curious way in which newspapers tend to deal with the subject.

Their story is always the same. Through magnificent fundraising efforts and endless dedication by the PTA over the course of several years, the money to purchase the bus has been raised.

Which can be true, but quite often isn’t for one simple reason. Most schools don’t buy minibuses. They lease them.

Leasing means that the cost of the minibus is spread over time and can be accounted for in the budget. The PTA can still contribute by raising money to pay for the monthly payments, etc, but there is no longer that long, long wait for the capital to be accumulated.

What’s more, through the leasing arrangement there’s a second benefit, for all the maintenance of the minibus can be taken on by the leasing company, thus keeping the vehicle fully operational at all times.

Additionally, where school trips are paid for by contributions from parents and the PTA, it is possible to allocate a part of those payments towards the cost of the minibus.

In other cases the minibus can be funded through a small monthly deduction from the school’s allocated income.

Not only will a new minibus help the school to expand education beyond classroom activities but it will also be a statement to prospective parents about the breadth and scope of the school’s vision.

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