When it’s gone it’s gone. Or not.

There’s a minibus that has been phenomenally popular with schools, but it has just been withdrawn.  However…

In all walks of life, there are certain products and certain designs which are particularly popular.  This is as true with school minibuses as it is with any other product.

The prime example from the school vehicle range is the Ford Transit Minibus – a minibus that has proved to be much liked as a way of transporting school pupils and students. 

But with Ford planning to bring out a new minibus next year the production line has now been stopped, and the purchase of a new Ford Transit Minibus is becoming very difficult.

But fortunately, all is not lost.

Knowing the popularity of these vehicles, when we heard the news from Ford we took the decision to order up a significant number of Ford Minibuses before they vanished forever. 

As a result these minibuses are available now for lease, or, if you have the funds in place, for purchase. 

Of course the choice of leasing or purchase is yours, but I would add that leasing does offer the opportunity of having the maintenance undertaken by the leasing company.  This ensures that the bus is fully serviced as and when needed, and always running to the highest safety standards.

Benchmark Leasing specialises in the supply and maintenance of school minibuses. If you require any further information do call us on 01753 859944 or take a look at our website.