What would you do if the cost of minibus repair was more than the value of the minibus?

Although it is difficult to find someone who would admit it, when a vehicle has an accident that will cost more than half the cost of the vehicle to repair, insurance companies tend to write the vehicle off.

Generally speaking, many of us do that when our own vehicle has one breakdown too many.  It gets to the stage where there just doesn’t seem any point in going on with the old car, so it is written off, and a new vehicle brought in.

Of course that approach only works if you have the money to buy the new vehicle.  Or if you have been leasing the vehicle.

For this is where vehicle leasing comes into its own.  If your lease deal includes the arrangement whereby the leasing company also services and maintains the vehicle, then the problem is theirs. 

When the vehicle gets too old, they have the job of finding you a new one.  And as for when we think about minibuses, this is pretty much the best solution.  

Put another way…

You drive the minibus, the leasing company does the maintenance.

An unexpected problem occurs, the leasing company sorts it.

The minibus ages somewhat, the leasing company offers to supply a new one.

It is, to my mind, the most efficient and effective method of running a school minibus.  There is no question of having to ask generations of parents to run marathons and climb mountains in order to raise money.  

There is no long delay in getting a replacement bus when needed.  There is no thought of the vehicle suddenly being unavailable because of breakdown or accident.  You just keep using the minibus.

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