Freeing up your time (and your school’s money)

Giving you more time to spend on providing children with an education

There are some tasks which are best done by companies who specialise in that field, not because you or your colleagues can’t do these tasks, but because the time is takes to do these tasks could be better spent on what you are employed for: providing children with an education.

One of these tasks is that of organising the school minibus’ services and MOTs. Which is why, when you lease a minibus with Benchmark Leasing, this is something that we will undertake for you – and, in most cases, the cost of repairs (if applicable) won’t affect the lease price.

Furthermore, if you lease a minibus with Benchmark Leasing there is the added benefit of improved cashflow (as you pay a set fee each month), and it often works out cheaper than buying a minibus outright (especially when one considers the re-sale value).

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