Overcoming the barriers to LOtC

Helping you to overcome the barriers to Learning Outside the Classroom

There are two predominant factors that hold schools back from offering more LOtC to pupils. The first is cost, and the second is pupils’ safety due to the condition of the school’s minibus (a survey revealed that the majority of school minibuses on the road are over five years old).

Of course, buying a brand-new school minibus would solve the issue of pupil’s safety as the minibus’ safety features (airbags, ABS braking, etc.) are more advanced, but buying a brand-new minibus can be expensive – which brings us back to the first issue of cost.

As a solution to both of these issues (cost and pupil’s safety), a growing number of schools are opting to lease a brand-new school minibus as opposed to buying one (or two) outright.

This is because it is an arrangement which makes it possible for schools to fund the minibus through a small payment each month with the cost of the vehicle’s MOTs, servicing and repairs included in the lease price.

Furthermore, in some cases where trips are paid for by contributions from parents and the PTA, it is possible to allocate a part of those payments towards the cost of the minibus – reducing the funds being deducted from the school’s capital account.

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