Three things to consider before acquiring a new school minibus (and how Benchmark Leasing can help)

Before acquiring a new (additional) school minibus, there are three things that you will need to consider, these are:

1) The size of the minibus available. Smaller minibuses are cheaper, but they restrict the use of the bus for certain groups. On the flipside, larger minibuses are sometimes more of a liability for town centre parking.

How can Benchmark Leasing help? With a lease option rather than a purchase you can consider a shorter term commitment so that you can be comfortable you have the right minibus for your needs.

2) Contract hire or Purchase. Leasing a minibus can often work out cheaper than buying a minibus outright (especially if one takes into account the re-sale value of a school bus at the end of its working life), or indeed, hiring a coach each time.

How can Benchmark Leasing help? We have devised a number of minibus leasing arrangements to meet the specific and varied needs of schools. To see our top five school leasing arrangements, which we have evolved through feedback, primarily from school managers, click here.

3) Safety and Wellbeing. Schools are centres of learning and teaching and often don’t include anyone who has the time to oversee the condition of the minibus, checking everything from the tyres to the safety belts and ensure that it is serviced as needed.

How can Benchmark Leasing help? Should you wish, Benchmark Leasing can include regular safety inspections in the initial agreement to take the pressure off the school. Furthermore, we can ensure that the minibus is always available for whenever you need it.

For more information about leasing a minibus with Benchmark Leasing you can go to our website, call us on 01753 859944 or email

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