As a School Business Manager, how can you support the students at your school in deciding which career path to pursue?

School trips, or learning-outside-the-classroom, can be highly beneficial to secondary school students when it comes to deciding which career they would like to pursue.

Why? Because school trips enable students to experience activities and events that they don’t have the opportunity to experience in the classroom, thus giving them a better understanding of where in society they (could) fit in.

But for this, school transport needs to be available whenever and wherever the opportunity arises for a school trip or learning-outside-the-classroom experience – which is where you (the School Business Manager) and Benchmark Leasing come in.

Benchmark Leasing specialises in leasing minibuses to schools and, as part of the leasing arrangement, we will also take care of the maintenance of the vehicle and thus assume responsibility for keeping it fully operational at all times.

A minibus which is leased is simply paid for on a monthly basis through a small monthly deduction from the school’s income. Thus schools are finding that it is possible to fund a minibus without taking anything from the school’s capital account.

In some schools the PTA is willing to make a monthly contribution, particularly if it means that their children will have more opportunities to undertake Learning Outside the Classroom.

To find out more about leasing a school minibus with us, please do call 01753 859944 or click here to see what we can offer.

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