Should you be encouraging your colleagues to use the school minibus or glad when it stays in its parking bay?

For some school business managers, a week in which the school minibus is not used is a week in which nothing can go wrong with the school minibus.

And yet there are some business managers who are involved in actively encouraging more teachers to utilise the school minibus. 

But why should they do such a thing?

One reason is a recognition of the fact that learning that takes place outside the classroom tends to be deeper, and be retained for longer, than learning in the classroom.

Of course it is difficult to the point of impossible to do a full analysis of this proposition, but the fact remains that many of us can remember our school visits and trips undertaken as students, long after the memory of classroom lessons has faded.

However, in most schools there are always some teachers who become involved in learning outside the classroom while there are others who don’t.  Likewise in many schools there is no one actively promoting learning outside the classroom while in others there is a champion of the cause.

Such people recognise not only that learning outside the classroom is beneficial, but also recognise that if a school minibus is not being used all the time, then a valuable resource is being under-utilised.

In order to help schools make more use of the environment around them, a few years ago we introduced a leasing scheme for school minibuses.

This scheme meant that many schools have now been able to take on a minibus where they didn’t have one before. Others have replaced an aging minibus while some have introduced the lease minibus as a second vehicle to cope with growing demand.

If you are interested in providing your first minibus for the school, replacing an aging minibus, or adding an extra vehicle, I would be pleased to show you what models are available.

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