What are the benefits of leasing a minibus as opposed to buying a second hand vehicle?

A teacher recently wrote a question on a Times Education Supplement forum which I think raises some really interesting points concerning minibuses.

The question asked whether it was best to lease a minibus, or to buy a second hand minibus.

It is a question that many pose, and in many ways the answers (as those who have bought both are likely to attest) are fairly straightforward.

The key difference between a school minibus and a vehicle such as one’s own car is that a minibus tends to have multiple drivers – not all of whom may be 100% careful in checking every aspect of the bus’s performance and maintenance.

Of course all schools will have someone in charge of the bus, but even then, one can never be quite sure how the drivers associated with the previous owner of the bus actually looked after it.

Our survey has showed that over half of school minibuses are over five years old and thus don’t have the very latest safety and security features. 

Combine this with any lack of maintenance, and a second hand minibus can already be something of a risk even before it is purchased.

On the other hand when one leases a bus the cost can be spread, the maintenance can be included and you have a brand new, rather than a second hand, minibus.

Working with Benchmark Leasing the school can get (if it wishes) MOTs and VOSA safety checks included (with onsite inspections at your school), school branding, logo and livery (if so required), all the latest additional safety features that the most recent vehicles have, and all servicing, maintenance and repairs included (so you don’t get caught out with expensive and unexpected repair bills)…

In fact the list of benefits is quite extensive and continues quite a long way beyond this point.

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